I am a huge fan of Rober Oster Inks, however my RO collection is mostly of the blue/green variety.  While I was browsing a color called “Pinky” caught my eye.  I am a huge fan of pink as most of you know, so I had to give this one a try.

It comes in the standard RO bottle, and for this review I decided to ink up my Nakaya Naka-Ai Awai-Murasaki.  It has one of the smallest converters of all time, so I’m always out of ink which is great because I get to try new things.

InkJournal Entry:

Line going down on 52 GSM Tomoe:


Ink Blob HDR and Natural Light:

I could not find any evidence of sheen, which surprised me greatly as all the other RO inks I have produce sheen in beautiful quantities.  The pink color is what I would consider a coral or shell pink, its saturated enough to be legible and generally has a good strong flow.  The shading is beautiful.  I can’t say that this is my favorite pink or that I would buy  another bottle, but I am glad that I tried it.  Its good to see that not all RO inks are the same.

What is your favorite RO ink?  At this point I really cant decide lol.

I leave you with this awesome photo of my accessories this weekend.  Can’t go wrong with pens, hippos and bags!  ^_^