I’ve been bitten by the red bug, first Momiji, the Lycoris Red, and now Sailor Irori.  Red is a very situational color for me, and I have to be in the mood to use such a bright and daring color.  It reminds me a bit of blood which I am squeamish around, so that could explain it as well.

This red however is more of a neon red, and not the red of vampires.  In fact it reminded me a LOT of Bungubox Lycoris Red which I just reviewed recently so I did a bit of comparison.  Lets get to this gorgeous ink!

It comes in the standard Sailor Jentle Ink packaging.

Unfortunately with the standard Sailor bottle.  One day I will start taking out that cumbersome plastic, but its a lazy Sunday ^_^

For this review I decided to ink up my Pilot VP Raden M nib.  It was once again out of ink and the natural choice being a smooth, wet writer.

InkJournal Entry:

Ther ink has a great, great saturation, but only middling shading.  Sheen is present though, the same golden sheen that I saw on Bungubox Lycoris Red.  It was so similar that I went back to my original testing sheet and added Sailor Irori to the entry.  Here are a few shots.  With the nature of sheen it is hard to get them all to capture the same amount of light, but between all the photos I hope that I could give an idea of the similarities.

This is an ink that to me almost seems rebottled for Bungubox.  It would be a shame because while the Bungubox ink was $43 shipped, the Sailor can be found on eBay for $12 shipped.  The Sailor ink did take around 2-3 weeks to arrive from Japan, however even if one orders Bungubox ink directly from Japan, with the added cost of shipping and 3rd party fees, there is not much savings on a single bottle.  With this in mind I would be inclined to buy the Sailor ink if I ever happen to run out of this color and desire it again.

Leave your thoughts in the comments, similar enough to be twins?