Roses are red, violets are blue?  Not this rose!  This ink is definitely pink, perhaps with some light red tones.  This ink also reminded me of a Bungubox ink that I love, so there’s a bit of a comparison.  I think they could be cousins!  Let’s take a look ^_^.

The box it comes in is similar to the Bungubox packaging, except for the lack of gold embossing.  I totally appreciate that they actually have their design printed on the box instead of it being a Sailor box with a sticker on it.

The truly wonderful thing about the packaging is….no annoying plastic funnel inside the bottle!  I rejoiced when I opened it, perhaps I won’t be so happy when I get to the end of the bottle, but that is a small price to pay for the convenience the other 80% of the time.

For this review I decided to ink up my Pilot Vanishing Point Raden Galaxy with M Nib.  It is one of my smoothest writers, and also has a smaller than normal ink capacity, so I can try a lot of things with it, without a lot of waste.

InkJournal Entry:

Line going down on CF Paper:

This color is just downright amazing.  The flow is excellent, producing a nice wet line, the shading is insane, its definitely saturated enough to be legible which is great for pink, and it has a very subtle golden sheen.

While I was writing with this ink it reminded me of L’Amant, not really because of the color but because it has that same insane shading.

Previous InkJournal Entry for L’Amant:

The dramatic shading on these inks is just so delicious, and while not sheen monsters, the sheen is definitely present!

As a side note the 68GSM tomoe paper took these large ink blobs like a champ!