On my quest for a grail Franklin-Christoph pen, I found out that they also make ink!  As a person who is always in pursuit of the perfect colors, I just had to try some.  Sadly at the time they did not I have the pen I wanted in stock, so I only ordered the ink.

Let me start by saying that F-C has AMAZING customer service.  My inks arrived with bad leakage, and they took care of it right away.  Overnight the pen I wanted (Model 66 Stabilis Solid Ice) had become available, so they just put the replacement ink in with that and shipped it super quick!  They are simply amazing and I can’t say enough about them.

Some photos of the damage to the other bottle that I received (Tenebris Purpuratum).  The label on the Black Cherry was mostly fine.

So much ink had spilled that the label started to peel from the saturation.  To further show you how amazing the F-C service is, with the replacement inks they also sent extra labels, in case something like this happened again.  Of course now my pens look like I’ve fought a pen and lost ^_^

So on to the color.  I decided to ink up my Pelikan M600 Black with M Nib.  It is a wet writer and from what I have been told F-C inks aren’t the wettest.  That decision I am now second guessing.  The ink feels almost too wet, almost diluted.

InkJournal Entry:

Line going down on CF Paper:

Ink Blob:

For the life of me I could not find the cherry.  To me it seems like a brown/gray type ink, I suppose in a drier nib the brown may come out more red, but I did not see much evidence of that when I tried the blob test.  Even the lighter parts of the ink were more gray.  The finish on the ink when it dries reminds me of the yogurt type of finish that KWZ inks have.

On a positive note this ink does have lovely shading.  The variation in darkness is pretty large, and it is dark/saturated enough to use professionally.

I am excited to try the Tenebris Purpuratum, it may be more up my alley color wise.

I leave you now with this adorable photo of our puppy that I took using our new puppy cam.