In my relentless search for pinky tones, I came across an ink brand called L’Artisan Pastellier who have a line of inks called Callifolio.  These inks are made in France and from what I read can be mixed.

I automatically fell in love with the color swatch for Andrinople.  It looked like a bright red/pink which is right up my alley.  The cost was also very good, the lovely cake shaped 40ML bottle is only $12.00 from Vanness.  It can also be had in a 50ML pouch for $8.00 if you have your own bottle.  But seriously who can resist this cake shaped beauty?  It can’t be wrong!

For this review I inked up my Pilot Custom 74, it is a reliable writer with a wet flow which was important due to the warnings of dry flow.

InkJournal Entry:

Line going down on CF Paper.  This is what happens when you try to do a video one handed lol!


It is worth noting here that this color seemed to be much more dependent on ink flow than others.  When it is wetter the color turns into a more red hue.

And on the dry end, the color is the beautiful pink I love.

This means that there’s the potential for dramatic shading which to me is always a plus!  Sadly no sheen present 😭

Oddly I do not mind the dry flow of this ink, I thought it might be a problem, but in a wet pen it still performs nicely.  The color is gorgeous, and sort of has a for lack of a better term, yogurt type of finish when it dries, similar to KWZ ink.  I think there will be more of these inks in my future…and perhaps one day I will get brave enough to mix them!  😍😜