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December 2016

Maruzen Athena Eternal Blue Ink Review

When I re-entered the world of fountain pens the name Maruzen was still foreign.  Now a few months back into the frenzy, to me it has become synonymous with grail.  I had never had a grail ink before, the rarest... Continue Reading →

It’s Christmas Everyday 🎄

Well I wish!  Today's pen mail consists of: Pilot Falcon -Soft Fine Kingdom Note Jellyfish Inks Kobe Ink #41 Converter for Pilot Falcon  I've been wanting to try the Falcon out for a while, I'm a sucker for anything... Continue Reading →

Pilot Iroshizuku Edo-Murasaki Review

This is part one of a series of five reviews I call the "Unicorn Ink Review Series".  These are special inks that I have been after for a while, and while they aren't "hard" to get by everyone's standards, they... Continue Reading →

Unicorn Pen Mail today 😍

Received these lovelies in the mail today 😍🖋.  Not pens but sometimes inks can be more exciting.  I've been dying to try these out! What's your unicorn?  🍄

Merry Christmas!  (Giveaway)

It the holiday season :).  I am truly thankful for many things, one in particular is finding this passion for fountain pens.  Its more than a collection, or pretty colors, its a passion that pushes me to search, to explore,... Continue Reading →

No words needed 💕

Diamine Shimmertastic with F NIB

Just a short post 😀 I love the Diamine Shimmertastic line, but I have had really bad luck using anything but a stub nib with them.  Even my TWSBI Pink 580 B nib doesn't care for Pink Glitz too much... Continue Reading →

Diamine Claret Review

As you all know, I am always in search of the world's perfect purple.  Yama-Budo has long been one of my favorite "wine" purples, which is why I was excited to try Diamine Claret.  The name itself made me think... Continue Reading →

Just an updated family photo…

The birds 💕🕊

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