With all the colors going off in the sky, my mind drifts to inks.  Today I started making swatches for the colors I currently have inked and while I didn’t care for the cards that I used, the results I were glorious!

Unfortunately the cards that I used, I found were a bit too thin and did not show off the sheen on most of the inks except for Bung Box Sweet Potato Purple.  The Diamine and J. Herbin shimmer inks also did quite well.

The cards I used were called Life Index Cards and I ordered 100 of them for $6.00 from Jet Pens.  They do a very good job of showing colors and glitter, but not sheen.  These cards also do not absorb as much ink as I would like, but if I were a bit more frugal with my ink blobs it probably wouldn’t have been an issue.

Making the swatches was super fun, it reminded me of playing with colors when I was a child.  This is also useful for remembering what exactly is already inked.  With an expanding ink collection its easy to ink two pens with the same ink lol, I’ve done it a couple of times.

If you do ink swatches, what kind of paper do you use?  Is there a swatch paper that brings out the sheen in inks?

Making these was definitely the highlight of my day ^_^.  Happy New Year everyone!  Thank you for making this blog my favorite part of the year!

I leave you now with a photo of my dog figuring out he loves my ink pipettes.