After trying the amazing Bondi Blue, I immediately ordered another color, Tranquility.  I was a little concerned that the colors might be too close but I was thankfully proven wrong.  This color has more of a green tone, as someone on the FPN Facebook put it, it is Emerald of Chivore without the glitter.

I decided to ink up my Pelikan M205 Amethyst for this review.  It is generally a wet writer and I am always looking for sheen!  Here are examples on Tomoe paper

This ink has some fantastic attributes, a nice flow, great shading and saturation and as I mentioned before, that sheen!  it is a beautiful red, a bit hard to capture in photos but in person its radiant.

I also did a sample on CF paper:

Here is a comparison with Bondi Blue, the first is without HDR and the second is with.

Totally worth having both in a collection, I went to order Fire and Ice today but sadly Vanness was out of stock.  Maybe its a sign from the gods that I need a smaller ink collection?