I thought to myself the other day, what is the next natural step in this FP obsession?  My conclusion was a cushy place for my pens to rest their caps.  I did a search and immediately fell in love with a Montblanc pen box, it was perfect from the beautiful piano black color to the lovely MB logo keyhole.  However, my husband reminded me that I am after all a novice, perhaps I should work up to the MB pen box?  So I took his advice and ordered this beauty from LCDC.

They were having a Christmas 🎄 special on this and it came out to only €99 shipped since I bought other items to get the free shipping.  Any excuse for more FP stuff right?

I was less than impressed with the packaging. Even if it is a €99 euro pen box there should have at least been some pride in the presentation.  I was pretty sad and threw the packaging away on sight.  It was basically styrofoam that had cracked into a million pieces to get stuck on the thin dust bag that held it.  I was very surprised the box did not arrived damaged.  I tried to pick all the styrofoam pieces off the bag but it just wasn’t worth the time so into the bin it went with the rest.

The box itself however exceeded my expectations.  It features a partial tempered glass window which I am guessing is used so you can see your favorite pens.  I chose to show my Pelikans since they have become my favorite writers in performance and style.

The velvet inside is a high quality material that will protect your pens while they slumber.  It is not the plushest velvet I have ever encountered but it certainly feels nice.

The rest of the case is constructed of wood, and the paint is very good.  It has a very smooth feel and I couldn’t find too many flaws which is great for something at this price point.

The case is a lot heavier than I imagined it would be, which lends to its feeling of quality. The weight is 3.1KG.

Now for a tour!

I apologize for the quality of the video, was trying to get it all with one hand.  I totally need a tripod.  In the video it may look a little tough to take out the top row of pens, but I promise it is not.  It’s easy if you have two hands on the case.  The first row also has sort of a feeling of being perfectly fitted, and it “floats” in and out like other high quality boxes of the kind.

It also comes with a key, in case you want to keep prying hands off your precious FPs.  Photo with the other pen mail that came today 😍🖋

I am super happy with this purchase despite the awful packaging.  LCDC is usually on point with packaging so I can let this slide.  The box is beautiful and that’s what matters 💕

Now I have to buy more pens to fill the bottom….😜