First of all a huge congrats to Michael Ting who was the winner of my Raid My Ink Cabinet giveaway 😍.  Thank you to all who participated!  It was such fun, we should do it again sometime!

But even if you did not get to pad your tree with those awesome samples, you have a chance to win a new bottle of Diamine Shimmer Blue Flame Ink at the bottom of this review!   A let’s get to it πŸ’™πŸ”₯

The ink comes in the standard Diamine Shimmer Inks box and bottle.  Here is a photo of my latest haul for reference on the box.  Sadly I did not opt for the entire set of the new Shimmer colors, of which there are 12, because I am already awaiting a Massdrop of Shimmer Inks from De’Atramentis.  Might just be too much Shimmer if that is even possible.

I decided that since there are a lot of elements I want to capture here, which include glitter, shading, sheen, and of course color, I would be best served using the 1.9 stub nib I received in this haul.  My Lilac LAMY Safari was the lucky pen almost out of ink that was inked up with Blue Flame.

For this review I chose to do both my usual tomoe and CF Paper.  The size of the nib probably wouldn’t go well in my poor little ink journal.  I started with the white CF.

I shook the bottle well before inking this pen, and also rolled the pen a few times as some people recommend.  This is to get the glitter dispersed through the ink, it’s rather boring if the glitter is say all clumped and it comes out as pure blue.  I noticed as I used the pen, the “mixed” parts of the ink started to come out to play and by the time I got to the third line the glitter was in full force.

On the CF paper there is a lot of glitter, a hint of shading, and to my eye no trace of he beautiful red sheen that I am guessing is supposed to be the flame part.

Next I moved on to tomoe.

Here the ink took substantially longer to dry, but that is a characteristic that I have long grown accustomed to using this paper.  It is a bit hard to see in the photos but here the red sheen is definitely present.  It will become more apparent in the ink blob photos below.  The shimmer appeared only slightly less to me than on the CF, but I can live with that because I love sheen so much.  The shading also appeared more dramatically on this paper than the CF.

Now for some fun, ink blobs!

CF in different lights:

Tomoe in different lights:

And finally a couple of HDR shots that bring out the colors a bit more.

So what do you think of the color?  I really enjoy it.  The color has a nice saturation and great attributes.  The only peeve of mine is the shaking of the bottle/rolling pen thing.  I wish that they would figure out how to put the glitter in so that it is consistent.  Perhaps the inconsistency is part of the beauty though?

For the fun part, the giveaway!

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