So stepping outside my comfort zone just a tad to review this amazing blue!  I was inspired by a post on the FPN FB that featured this color.  I had never tried a Robert Oster ink before so this was an adventure!

I ordered it from Vanness for $16.00.  I ordered some other things as well so the shipping was free.  I have a lot of friends in Australia (because I’m lucky enough to be married to an Aussie ^_^) where this ink is made so I wondered if there would be a huge discount ordering directly from an Aussie store, but with the shipping factor it seems it would have come out the same.

The packaging I was a little confused about.  When other people have posted about this ink it comes in a fabulous gold looking wrapping with the Robert Oster gold sticker on it.  But mine came in a plastic bag, not too exciting.  The bottle is of the hard plastic type and is of the tall variety.

I decided to ink up my LAMY X Line Rilakuma pen for this ink.

This ink exceeded all of my expectations.  It has a great flow, nice shading, and even a sheen!  The sheen is of the red variety and isn’t overpowering.  Since I can finally upload videos here are some of how the ink flows on both tomoe and CF paper.  Excuse the inky fingers!

Tomoe Cream:

CF White:

Of course I have also done my standard Ink Journal entry ^_^

It’s a bit hard to see the sheen in this photo but believe me it’s there!  If I had a broad nib or even a better camera I may have been able to catch it here.

Overall very please and will definitely be getting more Robert Oster ink in soon, in fact should be this week… lol!  🖋💕