Ever since my experience with the MB Lavender ink, I’ve been wanting to try more!  Sadly my trip to the MB boutique didn’t yield any beautiful purples or pinks that were not already in my collection, however Internet shopping came to the rescue and I found Miles Davis Jazz Blue available for purchase.  Its not a purple or a pink, but the allure of a light blue called to me!  A little diversity never hurts right?


The box it came in was very crisp and neat.  I expect nothing less from MB.  It features Miles Davis’ silhouette in what presumably should be the color of Jazz Blue.

It comes in the MB 30ML bottle which is stunning.  This is the first of the 30MLs that I am adding to my collection.  The detailing on it is beautiful, especially the large MB cap!

Now to the fun part, the ink!

I decided to ink my new Pelikan M205 Aquamarine up for this review.  I thought that the color was rather fitting πŸ™‚

When I first put the line down I was surprised at how light the ink was.  I had seen a swatch on the site but it didn’t seem as light as how it looked on tomoe paper.  I wasn’t entirely disappointed however because the color was reminiscent of one of my favorite crayons growing up.  Sadly I do not have a box of crayons handy, so I had to find a photo on the net and it’s not a good one!

When using this color I remember that it always surprised me how light the mark came out, and how dark the crayon looked.  That is exactly how I felt here.  And the color is pretty similar!

As you can see while I was doing the ink journal entry I was still asleep on this Saturday morning lol.  Montblanc has no space!  πŸ˜œ

The ink is light but legible.  It has some great shading despite the low saturation.  It also dries quickly.  It has a very medium flow and the Pelikan didn’t at all feel like it was struggling.  I didn’t see any sheen, but wasn’t really expecting to.

Overall this is a lovely ink that I would recommend if you’re a lover of blues and lighter shades.

I ordered two of these bottles, so of course one will be given away here at some point this month πŸ™‚  As always thanks for sharing in my pen addiction ^_^