The color pink invokes a special kind of love for me, and hippos are brown…so the KWZ Brown-Pink sounded like a match made in heaven!

It comes in a very generous 60ML size in a very ordinary bottle.  I am a fan of fancy bottles, but for the cost of only $13.00 from Vanness1938 I won’t complain!

Despite the plain look of the bottle, the label has a sort of rustic feel and I love that there is a swatch of the color on the front.

Now to the ink!

I did the standard Ink Journal entry for this ink.

My first thought was, where’s the pink???  The swatches I saw online always had a hint of pink, but I can’t seem to find it unless I shine a light on it.  With regular use, I find that this ink is a very nice brown.  This ink probably has the highest flow I have ever seen, with beautiful deep saturation and lots of nice sharing.  The dry time was also great for how wet of a line that was put down.

I took a photo of the ink on the nib of the pen, and with the light shining on it the pinky color is visible.

This is night and day from how this pen reacted to the Noodlers Black Swan Australian Rose that I reviewed last.  With the Noodlers my pen was thirsty to the point of railroading, with this ink it was almost too wet if there is such a thing!  I like the flow so much that I ordered another KWZ ink, this could be the start of an addiction!

Terrific ink, I just wish that there were more of a pink color to it.  Perhaps KWZ will make a Brown-Pink #2?  I hope so!