Sooo I just cant stay away from Noodlers ink since I discovered the lovely Cactus Fruit Eel.  When I saw that they also offered a dusky pink type color, I just had to hit buy!  Or as I told my husband, it jumped in my cart and somehow bought itself πŸ™‚

Like the Cactus Fruit Eel, it came in the standard paper box with the cute catfish on it.

However, unlike the other bottle this one was a very sturdy glass!  Instead of the lackluster plastic.

Unfortunately the smell was still very prevalent, I am guessing that it is just characteristic of the Noodlers brand ink.  This time the smell even prevailed while I was using the pen, whereas the Cactus Fruit Eel lost the smell as soon as it was inside the pen.

The bottle was also filled to the brim!  Usually the neck of the bottles I have bought are a bit empty, but not here!  The ink almost overflowed when I tried to fill it.  But better more than less especially with this beautiful color.

I decided to ink up my Visconti Rembrandt with the 23k DreamTouch M Nib upgrade.

One of the things I noticed immediately was that I did not like the flow of the ink.  Its very dry, to the point where it seemed to almost choke the pen, until I had to prime it a bit.  It worked fine after that, but I still felt the experience was too dry for my liking.  This is a shame because to me the color is perfect!  It has excellent shading, just enough saturation, and I mean…dusky pink!!!!!

The color appears lighter in real life than I could capture in photos.  I am not sure that the dryness is enough to deter me from using the ink in the future, however for this reason it definitely will not be a go to or even a favorite :(. Perhaps they will make a similar color in the eel collection?  Now that would be love!

***A note about the next giveaway, the postman let me down today and the prize did not arrive as planned, however I have hope for tomorrow!  Stay tuned πŸ™‚