Some of you will be mind blown that this is not a post about pinks or purples 🙂  I have stepped out of my shell a little and decided to give the Edelstein Jade green a go.

As always the bottle is fantastic!  Beautiful, glass, and easy to fill from.  If I had more room on my desk I think they would be on display.

What really won me over to these inks initially was the cute Pelikan emblem on the top of the bottle though, yes yes shame on me for judging a ink by its cover ^_^.

So now on to the ink!  I have bought green ink before, well just one, Diamine Sherwood green.  I was chasing a green ink with sheen at the time, but did not much care for the color when used in a not overly wet pen.

On a side note if anyone is interested in trading for my Diamine Sherwood green please send me a note 🙂

This green on the other hand stole my heart!  It’s what I would consider a sea green, a happy green, one that inspires me to draw cute things like the octopus in my ink journal lol.

As with all the other inks in the Edelstein collection I have tried, the Jade has lovely shading and a nice flow.  I would consider this a very well behaved ink and would feel comfortable using it in any of my pens.  It performed very well in my Bexley Imperial which has one of the finer F nibs in my collection.

The dry time is very good, was completely dry in a little over a minute.  By that time I am usually ready to turn the page, so I don’t have to bother much with the blotter paper when using this ink.

I think green is still a very iffy color for me, but this has definitely made me want to try a few new ones.  If anyone has recommendations feel free to comment/DM me ^_^.