So I have come to the conclusion that you can never ever under any circumstance have too many purples (and pinks!).  Larmes de Cassis is one of the inks I received in my most recent Netherlands haul.

It comes in a 30ml glass bottle like all of the other La Perle Des Encres inks, and features a cute blackcurrant on the front.  At least I think it is a blackcurrant as the translation for the name seems to be Blackcurrant Tears.

This ink had an excellent flow in my pilot VP M nib.  Luckily I did a ton of writing yesterday so the Noodlers Cactus Fruit Eel was about gone.

Thankfully I had a little better natural lighting than in yesterday’s review, however of course on a day I want to review a color Hawaii chooses to be overcast and rainy 😦

In my opinion it has a medium shading but if that is something super important I would go with another color.

What was really impressive to me was the  dry time.  The inks in this collection tend to be on the slower drying side for me.  I also want to note that they do not behave too well in some of my pens, either having a choked flow or just generally being strange.  I find that in my VP I usually have no problems.  I am still on the lookout for a pen that will write well with Bouquet D’antan, as I feel the pens I have tried either make the color come out too light or get choked 😦

Also related to drying, these inks put down a different color line than they end up drying with, usually the color comes out light and tends to dry a bit darker.  It is the same with this one.  The exception out of the ones I have is Pousierre de Lune, that comes out dark and stays dark mostly.

This is such a lovely color, dainty without being too transparent, I will definitely get a lot of use out of this!