Pen mail came today!  As it should everyday imo lol.  Today’s haul was small, it was a bottle of Noodlers Cactus Fruit Eel.

I have been dancing around trying Noodlers ink for a while.  I had read a few posts about Noodlers Ink being dangerous for pens, but have also read a ton that say it is fine as long as you practice pen hygiene which I do on a regular basis 🙂

I decided to try it with my pilot VP on the off chance that if something does go wrong I can replace the converter/nib inside and the body won’t be affected.

The first thing I noticed was the cute little box it comes in.  I always enjoy the little sketches on Noodlers products.  I’m a huge fish fan as well, so +1 for that!

The next thing was not so pleasant, the smell, the ink had the strongest odor of any ink I have tried so far, even the iron gall I had did not invade my nostrils with such intensity!  But I got over that quickly as the smell disappeared as soon as I closed the bottle.

The color did not disappoint!  It is a beautiful magenta pink type color.  The sort of color my girly self is always looking for!

Here is a photo in regular room lighting, no special filters etc.  The ink has a nice flow and dries rather quickly compared to the J.Herbin Cyclamen that I am comparing it to.

The two colors are very similar however the Noodlers has more shading, while the Cyclamen almost feels like it has a coated property with great saturation.  With the quicker drying time I think that for me at least the Noodlers has the edge between these two.

As you can see I am still perfecting my camera skills with regard to ink comparisons but I hope this has helped!

This color is going to end up being one of my favorites I just know it!  Glad that it is a cost effective bottle that comes in a large 3oz size!