As an FP lover I am always in search of a good notebook.  Sadly a lot of notebooks are not equipped for handling FP ink the way I would like.  After hearing a lot of good things about Nuuna from the bullet journaling community I decided to give it a try.

I went with the Graphic L – Banana Leaves version from  I ordered two, and they ended up being around $40 each shipped when all was said and done which I suppose is about right for a luxury notebook shipped from the U.K.

When it arrived my break was taken away by all the beautiful details of the bonded leather cover.  It even smelled nice!

The edges are colored to match the book which I thought was a nice touch.  But edging after a while or in my case after only a little bit of use starts to look horrible.  See the dent in it that I have without even being 10 pages in.

Now for the part that counts, the paper!  It has 256 pages of 120g premium paper.  I chose the dot grid, but the grids are a lot smaller than the ones in an A5 L1917, I almost found it silly to count them for bullet journaling purposes.  But my eyesight is a bit bad so maybe that’s it?

For FP’s I was not impressed.  There is a ton of feathering and the paper has a lot of tooth.  I felt like the fine nib on my Pelikan m805 got “stuck” with my first stroke.  But I soldiered on with a little better results from wider nibs.  The MB had a bit of a hard time starting on it as you can see by the strokes.

I’m not a fan of the amount of show through and for my purposes this would make it impossible to use on a daily basis.  I guess I will stick to tomoe.  I would recommend this book for bullet journaling purposes with standard pens and pencils though.  I also tried to use my Faber Castell Brush pens and the result was similar to the above.

Overall I would not recommend this for FP users, but as always YMMV 🙂