One of my daily struggles used to be how to transport my FPs without worrying about them being scratched, smashed, or just generally touching.  The solution came in the Nock and Co. Sinclair case.

It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but when unzipped blossoms with beautiful contrast coloring and stitching.

I opened the pouch for the first time and was reminded of the perfect tanzanite color, although the company has named this combination coffee/amethyst.  It has the 1000D Coated Nylon feels very sturdy, think backpack for mountain climbing.  Despite the sturdiness the pouch itself remains light.

The interior features 3 dedicated pen slots, one large pocket, and a gap between them that fits the Nock and Co DotDash, and my Ink Journal perfectly, with some room to spare.

I use this for my EDCs, but since I tend to carry more than 3 pens, some of them are relegated to the larger less protective pocket.

This is what travels with me in this pouch daily:

Overall I would highly recommend this case for EDCs.  This case literally feels like it will last the next 100 years 🙂