Purple has always been one of my favorite colors.  It’s majestic, and royal, and the color of cartoon hippos (that can’t be wrong).  So my ink cabinet is filled with all sorts of purples, and the collection is always growing.  Today I received my first ever Montblanc bottled ink.  Up until now I had only tried the cartridges.  I am seriously glad I made the transition to the bottles, they are simply beautiful!

But the real test is the ink right?  πŸ™‚

So I decided to try it out in my Ink Journal that has sadly been neglected of late.

Excuse my poor tracing skills and the overzealous testing of a Pilot ink on the previous page.

The ink itself is a lovely shade of purple, I wouldn’t necessarily call it lavender.  It seems more like a plum color to me.  The first thing that hit me is that it has a lovely shading, similar to their toffee brown, which I had the pleasure of sampling in store.

The ink isn’t the fastest drying, however it was probably fully dry on this tomoe paper at a little under 3 minutes.  It has a great flow, but the sad part for me was no sheen 😭.  I love love love sheening inks and always hope that an ink will surprise me.  That was not the case here, perhaps a different test might have revealed some, but my general uses are more aligned with the ink journal and not pouring ink on paper to enjoy the blobs (which is super fun but not my daily reality).

Despite that I will definitely enjoy using this ink, it’s probably my favorite non-sheening ink so far.