The Vanishing Point was not my first fountain pen, but the Raden galaxy was my first FP love.  When I saw it while doing a random google search of grail pens I was blown away by the classy, sparkly bits.

At this point I was a little wary about spending what at the time seemed like a lot for a pen.  My only previous experience had been a rather bad one 10 years ago with Mont Blanc (which I will cover in another post).  I am a frequent poster on the FPN Facebook page, and asked there about the merits of getting this pen.

People seemed to either love or hate it, with the crowd swaying mostly toward love so I decided to take the plunge.

When I opened the box it was even more beautiful than any of the photos I had seen, and in trying to take photos of this myself I discovered that the shine is very camera shy.

My number one worry was the clip being on the bottom where you hold the pen.  There weren’t many, if any, places to try the Vanishing Point here in Hawaii, so I could not go to a brick and mortar store to try one out.  So this was a true leap of faith.  And I am glad that I took it!  The clip actually doesn’t bother my grip on the pen, it seems pretty natural.

My hands are squishy, yet on the smaller side and the width and weight are fine.  I had also considered starting with the Decimo model, but this ended up being perfect.

My next surprise was the super tiny nib!  It’s seriously the smallest (cutest) nib I have ever seen.  Despite its size it is one of my smoothest writers.  I don’t notice any feedback, and it has a nice wet line.  I ordered a Medium because Japanese nibs tend to run a bit thinner than European.

The packaging was ok, but I thought the silky material inside the pen box felt a bit cheap.  The other thing is that the converter is a bit small and I refill frequently, but I suppose that just means I get to test a lot of new inks 🙂

Overall I would highly recommend this pen, I have no regrets about skipping directly to a Raden version.  But now I need the stripe and surface ones too…it never ends right?